Congolese women dating

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He says from hair to toe, the Congolese artistes have swag; they wear wet curly kits, pierce their ears, noses and tongues and adorn them with jewellery. They have time for women and know that without them, their music business is no more because they constitute a big chunk of their fans.They have a way with words; very poetic when talking to women.

Nonetheless, he proudly said he spent 70 per cent of his income on his clothes, hairdo and body creams, even if he goes without a decent meal for a few days, because he is an entertainer.

One Congolese star (we chose not to mention him), previously a darling of Kenyans, continues to shock fans as he is always spotted performing in small pubs, never mind he used to command a five-star billing a few years ago.

Bailed out by local lasses In another embarrassing incident some time back, household name Zaiko Langa Langa Laye and his entourage of 22 musicians were arrested at Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, for trying to get into Uganda for a performance without proof of where they were going to stay.

Musicians, who are normally stranded at the pubs after their performances because they have not been paid, easily fall prey. Not only are they bought beers and other expensive drinks, but are also given lifts in luxurious cars.

Needless to say, most of those lifts end up in posh hotel rooms.

Others are single women with well-paying jobs looking for a nice time since they are not in serious relationships.

Such women have no qualms sampling the best of Congolese machismo, you know.Huston Ndombi, 50, notes that other bands have such luminous clothes with such screaming colours that they hurt the retina.But our brothers from Congo will have none of that.Style, grooming, flamboyance “I have been clubbing for a long time and have a thing for live bands so I can give you an honest assessment of musicians and how they dress.Even though Congolese musicians occasionally colour clash, there is no question that all their clothes are bought brand new from shops, especially Dubai.From Kanda Bongoman to General Defao, Werreson, the late Luambo Makiadi (Franco), Fally Ipupa, Papa Wemba, Zaiko Langa Langa, Madilu System, Samba Mapangala, Mangelepa and now Ferre Gola, the kings of bling reign supreme and drive female fans crazy.