Com sun xml parser validating parser

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Com sun xml parser validating parser - ang bugtong dating doon

Read the test documentation for full information, and for a brief summary just understand that: The information in the test report for a given XML processor can accordingly be quite complex.

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While that suite has only been published relatively recently, many of its key components have been well known to the XML community for over a year and a half; they shouldn't come as a big surprise for any implementor.

(Such testing reports are the focus of this article.) It is important to understand the structure of the tests provided by OASIS.

This structure came from basic principles of software testing, and from the content of the XML specification itself.

It is available under an Open Source license at the URL given above.

The driver reads the test database, applies it to the processor under test, and writes out a detailed report. Such reports are valuable to developers who can use them to identify bugs that must be fixed without needing to look at perhaps hundreds of test cases.

This progressed, and produced its first draft in July 1999.

The goals of this working group were initially limited to providing and documenting a set of test cases covering the testable requirements found in the XML 1.0 specification.Saxonica recommends use of the Xerces parser from Apache in preference to the version bundled in the JDK, which is known to have some serious bugs.By default, Saxon invokes the parser in non-validating mode (that is, without requested DTD validation).Note however, that the parser still needs to read the DTD if one is present, because it may contain entity definitions that need to be expanded.DTD validation can be requested using on the command line, or equivalent API or configuration options.Saxon is issued with local copies of commonly-used W3C DTDs such as the XHTML, SVG, and Math ML DTDs.

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