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But, in his own way, Marlon has proved just as much a rebel as his father, going on to gain four A-levels, marry young — and start a family, which he cherishes.In what is an obvious reaction to the deficiencies of his own parents, he is an extremely hands-on father to his three enchanting blonde children Ella, Orson and Ida by model Lucie De La Falaise.

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At the time, she and Keith were drifting into heroin.This week, Richards was photographed for the first time with his daughter, Dandelion, after a meal with both her and Marlon at the Ivy ­restaurant.Dandelion, with whom Marlon enjoys a good relationship, was sent to live with Richards’ mother in ­Dartford in Kent for 20 years and is ­therefore often presumed to be the most poorly treated of the Richards offspring. As Keith Richards basks in adulation following the recent release of his somewhat self-satisfied autobiography, Life, one quickly realises in the short sections contributed by his son, Marlon, that he, not Keith, is the true hero of the book.See full summary » White Water is the story of a 7 year-old black kid in segregated 1963 Opelika, Alabama who becomes obsessed with the desire to taste the water from the "white's only" drinking fountain and ...Even if he didn’t have the famous name, you would realise within a few moments of ­meeting ­Marlon Richards that you were in the ­presence of the offspring of rock royalty.Other times, he would give his father a nudge and say ‘Dad, time to pull over, you’re falling, you’re ­slipping’, when Keith was slipping out of consciousness.

‘He acted beyond his age,’ Keith says with typical understatement in his memoir, and soon everyone involved with the tour realised that having Marlon around was a positive advantage.Anita says that she remembers little Marlon, aged around four, smoking joint after joint of marijuana while in Jamaica (though Marlon thinks this may be just one of his mother’s tall tales).Even so, the hedonistic surroundings inevitably had an effect on the boy.The angular face is pure Keith, of course, but he has an attitude of rare and dramatic ­intensity, too.What’s more, all his friends are famous ­people — Kate Moss, Liv Tyler and Johnny Depp are the key gang members in his social circle.However, Marlon Leon Sundeep Richards is far more than just another chip off the old rock.

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