Coloradodating com

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Coloradodating com

Dating Essentials TIPSY TAXIHow not to impress your date? This is good news for many of us—straight, gay, in-between—because it means that eschewing the shackles of commitment during one’s first four decades isn’t shady; it’s par for the course. Friends of diverse backgrounds agree: I’m affable, trustworthy, and free-spirited, with dozens of interests and few grievances.I’m also impulsive, prone to recklessness, and stubborn beyond reason.

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Hardly the eight-to-one guy-heavy figure bandied about in conversation.Down to socks, I stand up beside him to see the front door open—and lock eyes with a new-to-town dude who didn’t call me after a few great dates two weeks earlier.(To be fair, I didn’t call him either, on principle.) In this moment, the flurry of ironic truths about dating in Aspen is dizzying: You will run into a former flame when you least expect it; platonic friends of the opposite sex are always presumed romantic partners, fodder for the small-town rumor mill; and successful courtship seems to require more effort than elsewhere—for recent transplants, especially.Dating Essentials LOCAL'S CORNERYes, the Shell Station, a.k.a Local’s Corner, the gas station at Main Street and Galena, can be a dating lifesaver.Breath mints, water, hot dogs, peanut M&M’s, condoms—all available twenty-four hours a day.As the ladies hawking lotions and potions at Cos Bar know well: Our harsh climate doesn’t quite align with the expectations of female beauty.

We might feel like carefree kids in a candy store—until we don’t.

“I have Peter Pan syndrome,” declares a fortysomething chef, echoing scores of proud men spanning post-graduate ski bums to fiftyish restaurateurs. I want to maintain that.” A forty-year-old divorced bartender listening in says he, too, has embraced a similar regression since moving here in the 1990s—the decade in which many of his fellow service-industry workers were born. “It’s always somebody’s Friday.” The Peter Pan symptoms are easily discernable.

Most of those afflicted exhibit a disinterest in achieving traditional adult milestones: building a career, getting married, raising children. (The iconic Disney character is often played by female thespians, after all.) Whereas grown boys may not feel the tug of time as it marches them toward physical ruggedness, for us it’s a darker seduction.

There’s some sort of ideal in Aspen for gentlemen who prefer that type. That’s discouraging.” She does admit that there seem to be a lot of cute dudes from which to choose. ) But it’s not quite the mountain-hunk HQ we assume.

As it turns out, Aspen’s advantageous male-to-female ratio is grossly exaggerated.

Independence and adrenaline are the two most coveted drugs, and our rich social playground cultivates euphoria and debauchery—in particular after dark. If you’re too drunk to drive because the date sucked, ask your bartender to call two. ” Where I grew up, that question would carry a twinge of suspicion.

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