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A quick bit of research revealed that my friends were not alone in bigging up their country’s linguistic skills – the same boast appears in endless blog posts, online articles, and comment sections, mainly written by Colombian authors.However, as far as I’ve seen, no reference is ever made to an independent source which verifies this claim.

Now, if you’ve ever spent much time in the company of Colombians, you’ll know what enthusiastic patriots they can be and how keen they are to highlight the admittedly many great things about their country.The only time the RAE director says anything along these lines is when jokingly reporting that his hairdresser told him a couple of days earlier that “Colombia is the country where the best Spanish is spoken”.Interestingly, this misquote from Caracol has since been re-posted far and wide.The closest thing I found was an article from Caracol radio, a large and respected media outlet in Colombia.The post summarises an interview with Víctor García de la Concha, director of the Real Academia de la Lengua Española (RAE), which was given shortly before the organisation held an international conference in Colombia in 2007.Knowing this context, I was always left wondering whether it really was true that Colombian Spanish was somehow superior to other versions, or whether this was just a patriotically-fueled myth.

To put the issue to bed once and for all, I decided to do a little digging.

Over the years, I have variously heard or read reports saying that the way of speaking in Spain, Mexico or Peru (among others) is superior to all others.

For instance, a Mexican recently told me that their version of the language was definitely the most neutral because Mexican actors were always chosen to play the lead roles in dubbed Hollywood movies.

It appears, for example, as the most popular response on a Yahoo! No doubt, such reporting is part of the reason that locals continue to say that their Spanish is the best.

Clearly, tracking down a proper source to verify the Colombia claim is a little tricky.

Difficulties in confirming the Colombian-Spanish-is-best school of thought mount further if we examine whether there even is such a thing as ‘Colombian Spanish’.