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and that 5 month is the new average time of approval. I was actually thinking that our case would be different in a worst way compare to my K1 visa filer friends since my fiance lives in Puerto Rico and not really in the mainland (USA) and still being so positive that God is really in control of this process of ours, we thought that we might get it late but seems like God bless us so much, so much to the extent that our visa petition got approved in just exactly 2 months.

so no choice but to accept the challenge of exploring all alone.

but we still find it so good since it is just a minute walk going to the St.

Luke’s Extension Clinic where we had our medical exam and also a 5-7 minute walk going to Robinson’s Place where we bought our daily foods. Computation: 4, 721.28 pesos divided by 2 = 2, 360.64 pesos each In our next hotel, it was already us who booked a hotel. We actually tend to hotel hopping too that’s why we tried 4 hotels and at the same time trying our best to budget. I tell you, the foods are already delicious with that amount.

I even got amazed how great is our God when Iknew that I was the first one who got an approval in all April Filers… so, We called the NVC after 15 days and got our MCN (Manila Case Number)..

It’s not easy to find love in the world that we live in today.

and when I went back to NAIA terminal from my last hotel also in ermita manila, I just paid 140.00 pesos.

The 4 hotels are just a walking distance from each other and also walking distance from SLEC and US Embassy too. well, we went to Star City, Manila zoo, and Divisoria to have fun…

what I did is that I used Grab a car since I am not familiar with the city…

so from NAIA terminal to Paragon Tower Hotel, I just paid 150.00 pesos…

We find it cheap enough for 3 nights for a good hotel room.

It has no free breakfast and the internet is not that good though…

what I did was I downloaded Traveloka app and do my bookings in there…. 1 day = 300.00 pesos 300.00 x 7 days = 2, 100.00 pesos 200.00 for the 8th day = 2, 300.00 but take note, the 3 hotels that we went to are actually has a free breakfast… 2, 300.00 pesos – 500.00 pesos = for our hotels and foods for 8 nights.