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This is also usually the largest gift exchange that goes on in the wedding. Laura Lau and Theodora Lau — the authors of Wedding Feng Shui: The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Planning Your Wedding — offer these suggestions: The groom’s family starts the gift exchange by sending a traditional gift basket to the bride’s family home.

Afterward, the bride and groom distribute the cakes or cookies to the bride’s family and friends by visiting their homes or workplaces….

The gesture of sharing represents closeness between families.

The additional gifts usually placed in the groom’s family gift basket are water lily roots, ginger roots, pomegranate, cypress pine, coconut leaves, and pastries. But given the authors’ Cantonese last names (Lau) and the tropical items (such as coconut and palm fruit), you have to take these suggestions with “a grain of rice” — chances are, this is just the tradition for people in parts of South China.

Also available are red velvet-lined boxes with glass ropes for the presentation of cash and jewelry to the bride’s family. That brings me to my own experiences with Chinese wedding gifts.

Even though we were long past the betrothal state, my Chinese in-laws prepared what you might consider the equivalent of “engagement gifts” for my entire family (my parents, grandparents and even uncles and aunts).

Don’t forget to spread the love by giving something to the grandparents, uncles, aunts and siblings.

is applied to a variety of nitrate-bearing species found in cave sediments.In previous times, live pigs and handmade noodles were part of the customary betrothal gifts.Today, ritual supply stores provide commercially packaged hames and noodles in pink or red wrappers, carried and displayed on rented pink or red trays.If you’re not sure how much to give, find out what the local tradition is for the family (or at least, how much they’re probably going to give) and go from there.Whatever you choose to give, always, always, always get it in a box — red and gold, if possible.Before you can identify the pattern, you need to figure out what kind of china you have.

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