Chatral velliy grils

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Chatral velliy grils

Thinking that some beings might want to live there, I stayed for 17 years, but in that time, apart from myself and my disciples, not a single person came there, so that it has not served to inculcate merit in the beings of the present, who are disinclined to hardship. ’ Thus, a temple was built, a clay statue of Buddha Amitabha was installed as the main image, and the Guru’s jewel millstone and so on was also there.The ‘Guide to Padma Tsal’ says ‘There is the jewel millstone’, and Tendzin Norbu’s biography records that during his visit to Melamchi, he showed that the Guru’s jewel millstone was not turning spontaneously (as people thought),) but made it shake, as witnessed by all present, and this was one of the great blessings of the Yolmo valley.

’ It is a place visited and blessed by Guru Rinpoche of Oddiyana and his consorts.

Tendzin Norbu appointed his disciple Rikdzin Yolmowa Topden Wangpo Chime Gyatso, an incarnation whose emanational source was Vajrapani and whose previous births included Lhalung Palgyi Dorje, in charge of nine temples in Yolmo and Nepal, chiefly the estate of the great Jarung Kashor Stupa.

There was a temple founded either by this Lama or one of his predecessors in the area above the cemetery at Melamchi, as recounted in the oral tradition of the local elders, and Tendzin Norbu’s biography records that while in Yolmo he visited Tsuti Gönpa, the Yangdak Chok cave and Melamchi.

He also had a Mani prayer wheel erected in the village and so on.

He instituted many religious observances, such as performing the Mandalas of the three heart Sadhanas (outer, inner and secret) on the tenth day of the month, and an annual week-long Drupchö or ritual performance of the Narak Dongtruk Sadhana (‘churning the depths of hell’).

They filled the mountains and valleys with religious and material treasures, and described in the ‘Guide to Padma Tsal’ and future prophecies, the ‘Crucial guide to the Yolmo snow enclosure’, the ‘Essential inventory of Yolmo’, the ‘Crucial inventory of the Yolmo snow enclosure’, the ‘Essential exposition’ inventory of prophecies for the Yolmo snow enclosure, the ‘Name inventory of the hidden lands’ and so forth, are the layout of this valley, the prescription for identifying the suitable time to discover it, the identification of the discoverer, the means for taking possession of it, and the benefits of going there and remaining there, as delivered to the Tibetan Dharmaraja Trisong Detsen and then concealed as treasure.

These were revealed by Tertön Rikdzin Chenpo Göki Demtru Chen (1337-1408).At that time, the Jarung Kashor Stupa had become a hill indistinguishable from others, and at first he prostrated before another hill thinking it was the one, which turned to dust, and this hill was next to the Stupa.When he then located it for sure, and started a major renovation, there was no water in the vicinity, and saying that “There must be water here”, he listened (to the earth), and heard the trickling sound ‘Trol-trol’, and dug in that place, and water flowed out, and still flows to this day.This shows that there was a temple at Melamchi before Zilnön Wangyal Dorje founded an Amitabha chapel there.Concerning the presence to this day of a family lineage of Lhalung Palkyi Dorje in Yolmo and the region: following the prophecy of Tendzin Norbu, and prophecies by the raven-faced Mahakala, Dorje Lekpa and so on, Topden Wangpo Chime Gyatso married the daughter of Bhisanga Pal, the local ruler of Temal.In 1725, in accord with the Yolmo prophecies, he founded a temple on the top of Yangri mountain, the heart of the sanctuary, which is like a precious Stupa, but after only three years it was reduced to ashes in an elemental mandala (i.e.; a fire).