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Whiting wants to investigate him because there’s a bunch of LAPD cops who are dirty, and Deeks says good luck and tries to walk out of there.But not so fast, because Whiting wants him to get Bates to trust him and then throw him under the bus.

Deeks slams the door on the conversation as he storms out, and I want to, too.

These two don’t get enough scenes together - Nell always fills in when Kensi’s out, I could use a few episodes of the two of them teaming up, preferably undercover. I would say that he is taking this meeting just about as seriously as I take people who say they use fidget spinners for ADD.

Whiting isn’t messing around though, and shows Deeks the video the drone kids took that morning and shares that Deeks’ boss Bates killed a cop that morning, so now he and Deeks “have something in common.” Daaaaang, lady. But he doesn’t believe we’re seeing the whole story in that video, because “Bates is one of the good ones.” Their relationship confuses me, but this is a nice reminder that as much as Bates and Deeks have a love/hate relationship, at the core they respect each other.

Which doesn’t sound bad at first, but when he explains that it could be dropped over crops to utterly wipe them out, the severity is clear.

Simon explains that he turned his findings in to his manager Wallace, who apparently chose to keep the virus and sell it to the highest bidder instead of destroying it. Before we can debate that, we suddenly cut to Tay Ninh, Vietnam where Hetty is meeting with the man who’s been her informer.

I write this while listening to Taylor Swift’s new album on repeat, so if I seem like I’m rooting for the characters to get into a fistfight out of the clear blue, or suddenly want them to kiss, you’ll know which half of the album my shuffle has landed on.

We open on a group of children walking around a foggy wooded area.Deeks and Bates leave the room to discuss the situation with Callen and Sam, who were watching in the other room. Either it’s great green screen work or they’re actually in Vietnam, because the scenery is beautiful.They decide the top priority is to find Wallace before he sells. Hetty and her contact exchange pleasantries and discuss that the man behind bars - Keane - died in a helicopter crash.I can’t remember seeing it before, but I am very into it.I kind of expected him to drive a VW van, honestly.The believe he took a hostage from this morning’s incident, a bioengineer named Simon Atwater.