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But Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson showed no signs of stopping on Wednesday, as they embarked on another raunchy encounter in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

You'll say that kids can't call their parents mum and dad.She said they may one day say: 'You've denied us the right to a mum and dad.'The controversial MP declared she would ignore a majority 'yes' result of the upcoming postal vote because it wouldn't be reflective of the people's wishes. Sarah Jessica Parker is leading a one-of-a-kind experience through NYC that includes shoe shopping, frozen yogurt eating, and ballet attending. (JK, screw that guy.)Here's exactly what your dream date with SJP entails, according to her own words: What better way to meet than at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street, an iconic NYC landmark, for what I hope is an unforgettable shoe-shopping experience.Free from the grips of network censors, the show was a revolution, putting it all out there without any apologies.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n","title":"The Best Way to Watch Sex and the City Is in Its Original Glory","type":"text"}},"band":"Inline Video Hero"}"Experience New York City the way Carrie and the girls do with the official Sex and the City tour.\r\n","type":"text","align":"right","title":"Follow in Carrie's Footsteps"}},"band":"Promotional Single Item"}"Love is pain and pain is funny.Pauline Hanson has been accused of running a 'fear campaign' against same-sex marriage in a heated debate with Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young.Sarah's hand disappeared under the covers and Chad's boxers came off.'Viewers can draw their own conclusions about what happens - but it's pretty clear.'In the build up to the intimate moment between the pair, Chad had admitted to Sarah that he finds it hard, causing her to ask: 'What, sharing a bed?

' With Sarah clearly on his mind, the American hunk then revealed: 'Just... you know...', alluding to going further with the blonde.

#cbb Saying she keeps her public life private...hello, getting it on with Chad on national tv! 'Another viewer commented: 'If Sarah really liked Chad, why would she be so bothered about that the public think??

You'd just get on with it and not care...'As a further fan said of their romance in general: 'Sarah and Chad are the most awkward cringing couple to watch...

One fan praised the couple, writing: 'Love Sarah she is my winner, she had to put up with a lot in that house Chad and Sarah are well suited great couple.' (sic)While another spurred them on, adding: 'OOOoooh That Sarah harding at least shes having a Good Time in That House with that Sex God Chad Johnson lol get in there girl :)' (sic) It is not the first time Sarah and Chad have got hot and heavy under the sheets - after the singer was seen seemingly performing a sex act on the hunk last week.

The steamy encounter was subsequently investigated by Ofcom, following a series of complaints from viewers of the Channel 5 show.

eww' while another added: 'Sarah playing a right game moaning at Chad but then getting in bed a wanting sex.' Further fans claimed Sarah was being hypocritical on the show, writing: 'One minute Sarah wants to keep her life private and the next minute she wants sex on TV duhhh!

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