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Chat rooms couples - Porn chat website

All because I was bored one night 14 years ago and logged into a chat room."They dated for three years and have been married for over four.

She has been amazingly patient with me as I am a bit too much to handle.

We argue all the time but are always there for each other and believe me we never fight!

And when we do we always manage to get something out of it and move on.

This relationship lasted through a long distance run while I had to go back to school and the pressure of bringing it up with our parents (a huge step for any brown person dating).

While in the end we had to break up due to circumstances out of our control, this was in no doubt my best relationship till date.

– Sukritis2 The platform: Orkut The story: "Usually, when I went on Orkut I'd just hit delete on every inane friend request from weird and slightly pervy guys but on this occasion I saw this cheeky face staring out at me and instead of the usual "Hey sexy let's be friends" or "looking hot wanna make love" type comments this guy had written Jai Shri Krishna!

I'm not at all religious but this was refreshing and caught my eye.

Also the funniest part is that I noticed what he was wearing in his pic – a white shirt with silhouettes of naked women subtly printed on it and it just made me laugh.

So I accepted the friend request and we started messaging back and forth.

When I landed, he came to get me, and when I saw him... I had never felt the same for anyone and knowing he was still interested in me, I finally said YES!

It has been one of the BEST decisions of my life and sometimes I wonder why I never said yes sooner.

I told him straight that I wasn't looking for a relationship solely because I didn't want me hurt again. We were talking a bit on the app before he gave me his number and we met at a bar the next day. The date went so well we planned our next one for the day after LOL.

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