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If you want to send messages to clients from your own code that runs outside the Hub class, you can't do it by instantiating a Hub class instance, but you can do it by getting a reference to the Signal R context object for your Hub class.

Any data that you receive in parameters or return to the caller is communicated between the client and the server by using JSON, and Signal R handles the binding of complex objects and arrays of objects automatically.

In that case, you can change the base URL, as shown in the following examples (replace "/signalr" in the sample code with your desired URL).

Server code that specifies the URL method, and when it does, the data received is broadcasted to all connected clients.

You can specify complex types and arrays for the parameters.

The following example passes a complex type to the client in a method parameter.

This document provides an introduction to programming the server side of the ASP.

NET Signal R Hubs API for Signal R version 2, with code samples demonstrating common options.

By default, Java Script clients refer to Hub methods by using a camel-cased version of the method name.

Server to complete, and then it sends the unwrapped result back to the client, so there is no difference in how you code the method call in the client.

In client code, you define methods that can be called from the server, and you call methods that run on the server.

Signal R takes care of all of the client-to-server plumbing for you.

If you have questions that are not directly related to the tutorial, you can post them to the ASP. If you are adding Signal R functionality to an ASP.