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Peric gives the full text in question as follows: J[anko]: Once, the members of the episcopal commission asked you, and you specifically, to describe the Sign in writing, how it will happen and when it will appear, so that then the writing could be enclosed and sealed in front of you, and be preserved until the Sign appears. In the same interview, Amorth revealed he had kept Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, abreast of developments on Medjugorje shortly after Amorth’s pilgrimage there in October, 1981. Rene Laurentin who also claims to have spoken with the Pope (John Paul II) on Medjugorje.Laurentin himself has recently come under scrutiny for information he edited concerning Medjugorje (see also here).

Operas Explore the Search for 'Happily Ever After' The Benjamin T.Despite the above setback, Peric continues, the commission went to see Ivan who was miles away in seminary and without a working phone.The commission approached him with the same request and he willingly obliged, writing on two pieces of paper the contents of the alleged sign.Student Written Plays to Premiere at Catholic University The Department of Drama is presenting two original plays by M. Students Shine at Arena Stage in 'Bernstein at 100' Students from the Benjamin T.Rome School of Music brought their musical talents to Arena Stage during a celebration of Leonard Bernstein.Rome School of Music will present a double feature of T.

Annual Christmas Concert to Benefit Hurricane Relief Proceeds from the concert will benefit Catholic Charities USA Hurricane Relief.

Immigration Experts Discuss 'The Globalization of Indifference' A panel discussion at Catholic University provided an inside look at the Catholic Church's position on migration and 'the globalization of indifference.' University Honored with Three CASE Awards The Office of Marketing and Communications has been honored with three Accolades awards from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. Thomas Aquinas Mass Celebrates Catholic Schools Week Catholic University and the Dominican House of Studies, in association with the National Catholic Education Association, will kick off the second semester of the year and National Catholic Schools Week at the annual University Mass in commemoration of the patronal feast of St. Catholic University Announces Upcoming Spring Arts Event Catholic University will present a full line-up of arts events this spring.

"On the Margins: At the Intersection of Catholic Thought and Migration" A panel discussion on immigration will take places Jan. VSL Team Wins Grant to Study Preservation of Priceless Glass Flutes The Vitreous State Laboratory is part of a team awarded a three-year 0,000 grant for a research project aimed at improving preservation methods for priceless glass flutes.

Within a few years, Peric writes, Ivan denied having written the contents of the sign.

In March, 1985, the Diocese’s envelope was produced, opened, and its contents demonstrated Ivan was not telling the truth as the text was in Ivan’s hand detailing what the alleged sign would be. Bubalo discusses the above story with Vicka in the original Croatian version of . Some people say that only Ivan responded in some way, and I have never asked him. And I’m not going to ask him, but I think he didn’t give them an answer. It’s dealing with a text that well explains the Croatian word “spetljao” (= (It.) imbrogliato, “connived”, “mixed up”, “confused”, “misled”), used by Vicka in the story about her colleague Ivan! Amorth’s support and even endorsement of the Medjugorje phenomenon is a well-established fact to English-speakers.

In an article dated January, 2010 and entitled, “”, Peric discusses the history of statements made by the alleged visionaries concerning the sign to be left in Medjugorje. The commission requested the children write down the contents of the great sign allegedly predicted by the Madonna.