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star Robert Hughes, has been committed to the District Court for sentencing on October 6.The frowning media personality looked drastically different this week compared to his days as a leading TV reporter.

Screenshots of his Grindr profile and details of his involvement in a bizarre film with a father-son incest plot also surfaced.

The charge of transmitting, publishing or promoting child pornography via a carriage service carries a maximum jail sentence of 15 years behind bars.

Mc Cormack, the face for the network's investigation into paedophile Hey Dad!

Sundays are really similar to Saturdays, apart from the fact that we often have a roast for lunch and I usually start the day with a bike ride.

I'm not big on exercise and don't go to the gym, but my brother, Steven, has got me into cycling. He often swings by first thing and I follow him around the perimeter of the park. He'd be humiliated by me saying this, but he can't actually cycle! Often it's so empty it feels like your very own back garden and there are so many different parts to it.

I've just seen Fish Tank, which my boyfriend refused to go and see with me.

I love its director Andrea Arnold, but Christian doesn't like anything that's too depressing. Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it's even begun.Days after the charges were laid, Mc Cormack was hospitalised and received treatment from a mental health facility.Mr Macedone said Mc Cormack was 'fine' on Tuesday, but the journalist declined to answer questions as he was escorted to a waiting car.I took a bottle of sauvignon blanc to help me relax. Last weekend it was my boyfriend's birthday and I made food for about 10 people – a superfood salad from the Leon cookbook and prawns with sugar snap peas and chilli. At school my brother was so skinny he used to put weights on his ankles to help build up strength and muscle.One of the things I love doing on Saturday or Sunday is going to the cinema, either in town or at the Richmond Filmhouse.One of us will cook – we've never attempted to do it together. Last week my boyfriend made a lovely squid and lentil stew. We're both big film fans and like to watch a film on DVD before going to bed.

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    She has also worked in adult entertainment industry. To uplift the image of Portland Police Union, she signed a 5-year contract with them in 2013.