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No one wants a sex offender like Matt Schechter living next door to them, and it’s certainly understandable.Municipalities across the state have codified this with ordinances that restrict where offenders can live.

No one tells sex offenders that when they're released.

After stopping at a bank to cash a check his father in Germany sent him to get started, he boards a bus for Walmart.

"I feel pretty anxious and nervous," he says as the bus rolls south on 27th Street.

Finally, once he gets it working, he calls Oak Creek Police. He’s heard there are some motels on South 27th where he may be able to stay the night. He’s been pushing for a statewide standard, a uniform buffer zone everywhere, but he's getting pushback.

“No municipality wants to be told that their specific rules shouldn't be in place.

They're directed to decipher the buffer zones on their own. Immediately it becomes clear, things have changed in 22 years. So Schechter starts walking south, hoping to make it to a motel in time: A homeless sex offender, deemed by the state to be so dangerous he'll remain on the registry for life, strolling the street at night looking for a place to stay.

He struggles for an hour to figure out how it works. “You can see what a mess this has become,” says Republican State Representative Joel Kleefisch.

By state law, sex offenders have to return to the county in which they lived when they committed their crime. However, there are 19 municipalities in Milwaukee county, each with different restrictions on where he can live -- various buffer zones around areas children might be -- schools, parks, daycares and so on.

No one has given him any information on what those rules are, and he knows one wrong move can put him back in prison.

He has to call his parole agent to advise her where he's staying, once he figures out where that is.

Sex offenders don't get a map of areas they can live when they get out prison and they don't get a list of approved addresses. If I don't charge it and it goes off, there will be a warrant issued for my arrest," Schechter said.

It's another avenue in the maze they have to figure out.