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It is very important to my cosmetic dentistry grant and my mental health.Sincerely, I would like to express my appreciation and gratutude for the grant awarded to me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the grant that I was awarded.But say a huge thank you for the outcome of getting my smile fixed is an integral part of reclaiming some form of normalcy in my life as I try to overcome mental illness. I am halfway through but I know, thanks to you my smile will be brighter as ever! I really appreciate this, it has been so long that I have been trying to fix my teeth and I can now finally do it.Thank you [email protected] I wish you a great Happy New Year 2018. Thank you again and god bless you for helping people in need.I am humbled by the generosit of the foundation and how you are helping me take control of my life.I am already smiling Thank you so much To the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Thank you for selecting me as one of your reciepients.Now you have made this possible and I can enjoy the smile and ability to eat all foods without worry Thank you To whom this may concern, Thank you very much for the support I needed to complete my dental work.

I don't knowhow I could have had all the work done without the grant you provided.I am honored and grateful for this wonderful opportunity you have provided for me.For over a decad, I have had three room canals, a gum infection and eventually a tooth extraction.It means the possibility to start and complete a cosmetic dentsitry grant project long over due.I also want to thank everyone who helped me Sincerely, Thank you Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc.This grant is valuable and I am so happy that I will be gaining back my smile.

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