Bria myles dating white man

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Bria myles dating white man - No sign up granny chat rooms

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Bria: Well I just did a videogame called "Don King Presents: Prizefighter." They made a virtual me, and they named her Bria Myles, so that's been my number one priority. Bria: Everyone has been pretty cool and pretty professional. They may not like you because you're pretty or because you're their competition.So why would they go with a dark skinned girl when they can have the light skinned girl with the pretty hair and the pretty eyes? So I asked him if I would have been bold and walked up to him and said "Hey what's up," what he would do.Baller So is being dark skinned out of style? He said he would have gave a "Hey" and then kept it moving because I was dark skinned.He said the only reason he even pursued me further was because we had hung around all day and we got to know each other and he thought I was a cool person.But a lot of people won't even give a dark skinned girl a chance.I mean whatever you want to do you should do, but the industry now-a-days is fraudulent. I mean I have some guy friends that I'll talk to, but I don't have any guys who I am seriously dating, or digging like as in a relationship sense. Baller What kind of men do you look for? Baller Showing the people in jail some love ... Bria: Yeah I want to do something for my people in my jail. It will also be more cost efficient and wont cost as much as most calendars. Baller Well I'm from Boston and we all know how that story ended.

They don't appreciate women who are naturally born like this or are built like this. Baller Do you find it hard doing the modeling thing and dating? Bria: I don't look for men, I just of go with the flow. Baller So what's the most interesting or unique way a guy has tried to pick you up? Guys have tried to pick me up in so many ways and none of them really stood out. Baller Is there something that people may not know about you?

It's really all about how the guy approaches me and what his swagger's like. so what can a guy do to turn you on and on the other hand turn you off?

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It's like if a woman went from A cups to triple F's. I want to build a relationship now, get married and have kids by 27. Baller So what does "Bria Myles" have coming up in the future? I'm planning on coming out with a calendar next year for myself. It's not going to be 12 different months, it's just going to be one big poster.

I mean if people look at you and stare at you like "What the f***" then that's a bit much. Honestly I'm almost kind of ready for a relationship. But I just go with the flow, so if God wants me to meet someone then he'll put him in my life. Bria: Well I have something big coming up, but I can't really talk about it. Because I want people in jail to be able to have it and in some calendars they have things that people in jail can't have.

I feel like most of the women who buy all this sh** would have never been as far along in the industry if they were all natural. If I bump into a guy and I like the way he looks and he's cool, then that's just what will happen. There's just too much insurance, too much dental stuff, or braces or even if you have to just make a monthly payment.