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Modern swiss built trains run from April through December for a 3 hour round trip to the top of Pikes Peak.At certain times of the year vintage trains also run on special excursions. The college is a four-year nationally prominent liberal arts sciences college, with just over 1,900 undergraduates.

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Zebulon Pike first saw the peak and noted it in his journals in 1806.

Towns grew up overnight and new territories were explored and developed.

The Western Museum of Mining and Industry preserves this rich history and brings it to life for you. Get the chance to go down 1,000 feet in the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine and step into the boots of the 1890's hard rock miner.

The castle has been under construction since 1969 and continues to be a work in progress.

The castle is open to visitors on a donation basis.

Previously unpublished photographs, postcards and sketches and other visual memorabilia showcase treasured landmarks, events and characters from the city's past. (See if you can spot Agate Hill on the cover) The Inn is offering lantern lit historic walking tours.

Tours last about 40 minutes and will leave from the Inn.The college is in Colorado Springs and just 4 miles from Manitou Springs.The Inn's Garden Cottage with three bedrooms is idea for college families. The academy's mission is to inspire and develop outstanding young men and women to become Air Force officers.The castle is a monument to what a hard-working individual can accomplish in a lifetime. It burned like a fever in the hearts of men and women everywhere it has been discovered.It drew thousands by boat, on foot, wagon, and horseback to the gold fields of the West where they hoped to make their fortune.Even though ghosts have not been heard or seen at Agate Hill, Manitou has a rich history which might lead your imagination to wonder if there are not a few around.

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