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The most important thing to understand if you are a young woman who is unsure whether or not she is pregnant, is that the earlier you establish whether you are pregnant or not the better.

I have know Idea what to do, and know idea how to tell my parents.

My partner said he doesnt want anything to do with me if i decide to keep a baby( he doesnt know for sure yet, though im sure he is suspicious i am pregnant) I'd guess i'd like to know what im in for and how tough this is going to be.

Hi Danielle - Feeling mixed emotions on finding out you are pregnant at any age is normal. I've set up a whole section on teenage pregnancy (see our Teenage Pregnancy Section.) I hope you find this helpful.

I was in school 2 days in fifth year when I found out the news, I'm so scared i have no one i can talk to.

my mam, sister and boyfriend are the only ones to no.

Sorry for the delay in replying I just haven't had time in the last week or two due to a deadline writing a book.

I'll answer Malisha to Eliza's questions in one post.I'm sixteen years old & I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant - I'm going to get a test on payday, haha.I've already decided abortion is not the option for me whether I'm pregnant or not & I don't think I could put my baby up for adoption - so it looks like I would be keeping it.The POWER program, a organisation based at Mabel Park SHS which provides counselling, case management, education support and on site creche for pregnant and parenting teenagers who want to finish their education (year 10,11,12) We would be happy to have other organisations or young parents visit the program.For more info visit the website or ring us at the school (07) 3489 2332 teenage pregnancy is tough, but don't give up and think it is the end, there are always people who can help you.Get early detection, that is very important, and talk to someone you trust, who cares and that can help you.

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