Body dating language

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Quite often when a woman finds a man attractive she will start fidgeting around with her hands.

What a woman does with her hair is also another very important non-verbal communication that you need to learn to pay attention to.

You see, from an evolutionary standpoint, a nice, shiny head of hair is a sign of good health, that we men are evolutionarily programmed to find attractive.

So when a woman feels attracted to a man she will often start playing with her hair, twisting it around her finger or combing her hand through it, and more often than not she won’t even know she’s doing it.

There are so many things that a woman’s eyes can tell you throughout the entire courtship process.

For example, if you are standing across a room from a woman that you’re interested in and your eyes meet, notice if she holds eye-contact for more than a few seconds.

If she looks away immediately the chances are she’s either shy or not really interested.

But if she holds steady eye-contact for more than two or three seconds, you can definitely take that as an invitation to approach.The next time you’re flirting with a woman, pay close attention to what’s she’s doing with her lips.When a woman is attracted to a guy, she will usually smile and laugh much more frequently, regardless of whether the guy is actually funny or not.It’s because women pay far more attention to body language and non-verbal communication than men ever do.You see, during the first few seconds of your approach, a woman could care less about the actual words you say to her – unless it’s something incredibly weird or creepy, that is.Not to knock your ego or your brilliant opener here, but the chances are that 90% of the time, she won’t have a damn clue.

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