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Bludevilgirl822k datingpoint org

The following guidelines are the product of a collaboration between Samuel J.

Witt (Loyola University, Maryland) also contributed to the development of these guidelines by sharing the encoding guidelines for his own project, Lombard Press (). Michael's College, University of Toronto), Patrick Cuba (St. Chris Weaver (University of Oklahoma) and June Abbas (University of Oklahoma), both co-PI's with Huskey on the Digital Latin Library project, provided important comments and insights from their perspectives in the fields of computer science and library and information studies, respectively. Mellon Foundation provided funding for the development of these guidelines.

The bibliography is all the more useful as a tool if it is created and made available via Zotero, an open online resource for building and managing bibliographies.

It is highly recommended, but not required, that all LDLT editions have a corresponding Zotero repository for their bibliography.

They also contributed pilot projects for use in evaluating and refining the encoding guidelines.

In addition, Robert Kaster devoted considerable time to developing the typology of variant readings in the section "Tagging Readings for Analysis." Since that typology is the basis for a significant feature of the Library of Digital Latin Texts, his efforts deserve special recognition here.

For ease of reference, these sources should be listed with information about where the information can be verified.

Editors consult many types of documents and publications in the process of creating critical editions: manuscripts, incunabula, modern editions, monographs, articles, notes, correspondence, etc.For example, an editor might want to make a table comparing the readings of manuscript families.In that case, the editor would use "), so that the bibliography itself can become a useful tool for finding and using resources, especially those available online.Atom, with the linter-autocomplete-jing plugin is one example.Oxygen comes with a lot of built-in TEI support, so it may give you a better experience. LDLT documents use a ‘schema’ to check whether the tags you've used are in the right places.There are some very basic rules to editing XML documents you should be aware of: XML tags (or elements) must nest properly. In general, you can only put certain tags in certain locations, so no " (a paragraph), for example (because that would be silly).

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