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bad scenario is the righteous reason behind all the mess they made **sigh** I really love Lee Hyun Woo as an actor but i hate this drama and could only struggle through the first 10 episodes because of my love for Hyun Woo.Joy suck in this, a lot of people blame it on her being a new actor or it the character that was bad not her, hey whatever floats your boat, but she sucked.

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I can't even call it as an adaptation, maybe they want to be more original. I know many people didn't like this drama but I think it's definitely worth a watch.

This Korean drama makes me happy, sometimes sad maybe its's because of the tone and I am carried away by how the actors and actresses act. All in all, it is well-packaged drama of rom-com-slice of life, plus good music all the way You either love or hate this drama. Though I expected more from the ending and would love to find out more about them after the series ended.

There's nothing really specular about the storyline. So basically I watched the episode 1 the day it was published.

The only one who fit their role was sungjoo from UNIQ & he's only a rookie idol turned actor. But everything else sucked for several reasons: 1) Just the first ep didn't match up at all to even a sec of the original japanese movie with takeru sato 2) lee hyun woo was definitely not fit for the role i always find his acting static bc of his expressionless face.

He was no where close to expressing the same type of emotions that aki was suppose to have he seemed to portray a self-centered selfish character which aki really wasn't even according to the manga 3) Joy was cute but her character kinda went overboard which all that 'joyfulness' should i say?

The only thing that keeps me going is the OSTs and the main lead.

I really love Joy and her acting for this drama is more than what you could expect from a newbie. and I love Seo Won too :* The storyline was so-so, not really engaging but the romance was pretty adorable so i watched it till the end.

If you've watched 1 or 2 dramas before and like light plots then by all means go for it. Overall, singing 10/10, glad they casted a singer for this drama. But if you have spare time and want something to watch that you don't have to put a lot of effort into, go ahead i watched this drama because of hyun woo, i admire his acting so much.

but the drama itself kinda weak, i cant handle my cringey side when i watched it.

I haven't watch Goblin yet and never will since I'm not into those type of genre.

I'm actually a jdrama fan, and by reading reviews from this drama, I think I did a right thing for not continuing watch this drama.

Kang Han-Kyeol (Lee Hyun-Woo) is a great composer and gets inspired by the voice of others. Being completely honest, this drama wasn't too good.