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Would an attitude of “this won’t be tolerated” have made a difference to John Bailey, would it have made him think about his actions? Unfortunately, we will not have an opportunity to know.Did the inaction of the officers lead John Bailey to feeling the officers were sympathetic to his cause? But this has an even broader application than in just one domestic violence incident or murder.

She allegedly stopped the deputies from taking an inventory of his weapons and removing all of Bailey’s weapons from the home. How did Bailey come up with a weapon, when officers reportedly removed the weapons from the home?

Dovian King was was found dead, but Marquill King was found injured with a gunshot wound to the face.

He was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition, but he passed away on Sunday.

To others they may seem overcontrolling, to themselves they may feel they are the only ones capable of fullfilling their families needs.

They may have a fear of failing, and they may be under stress- either financially, socially, or in the marital relationship.

How about other officer domestic violence incidents? If officers do not handle a situation with one of their own appropriately, how do they handle other domestic violence incidents?

How do other law enforcement agencies handle domestic violence?

Yet everyone seems to be in shock that this could happen.

All agree the children were well taken care of and were polite and respectful. If they do not leave the answer by telling someone or in a note, how can anyone ever know?

On Saturday about am police were called to the home of Alisandria G. A child in the home at the time told police that a man had come to the home and the child heard a pop, which they described as like a firecracker, then the man left the home.

The boy found his mother dead from a gunshot wound and went to a neighbor’s home and called police.

All the victims died of gunshot wounds and it is believed that Isadore did commit all the murders before shooting himself.