Belleek dating piece

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Belleek dating piece

A castle was built at Caol Uisce near Belleek at the entrance to Lower Lough Erne by Gilbert Costello in 1212.Belleek town in its present layout was founded on the Blennerhassett estate during the Plantation of Ulster in the early 17th century.

The marks of the first, second (1891 to 1926) and third (1926 to 1946) periods are almost all black.During the first and for most of the second period, three strands of clay were used to weave the basket base.But by 1920 the factory used four strands to weave the base.Belleek Pottery Ltd has long been a major employer in the region, with its visitor centre attracting 150,000 guests per annum.Fermanagh District Council reports that 70% of Belleek Pottery's product is manufactured for export.Mr Gambon says that some of the most amazing pieces are the baskets.

These are made by laying thin strands of clay into a mould: "It's like weaving.

"As the periods increase the prices are lower," he says.

Nevertheless more complicated modern pieces can fetch £400 to £500.

The renowned Belleek Pottery in the centre of the village is currently owned by US-based Dundalk man, George Moore.

It was founded in 1857 by John Caldwell Bloomfield, who declared that any piece with the slightest flaw would be destroyed and this is still the case today.

The establishment of the pottery in 1857 saw the start of growth and the town developed further with the founding of a cooperative creamery in 1899, a police station, a courthouse, post office and dispensary.

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