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That one issue aside, the sometimes obnoxiously busy soundtrack is a huge in terms of directional support and creative aural layering.

Je dcharge l'diteur de ce site de toute responsabilit si un mineur vient accder sur ce site par ngligence de ma part de quelque manire possible.This review, however, refers to the Dolby True HD 7.1 core track.As tends to happen with ‘downgraded’ Atmos tracks – on my system, at least – there are some issues with the center channel dialogue sounding a bit low-volume in comparison to the enormously lively and loud stereo/surround channels.action is either created using a series of over-cut close-ups or augmented with unconvincing CG effects. The results are vivid and hyper-clean with a very impressive dynamic range, especially considering how very dark some scenes are.I don’t understand why the production, which was partially financed by Chinese companies and somewhat tailored towards Chinese audiences (the international cast is a point in the film’s favour, for the record), didn’t just hire one of the many available Chinese directors to make the movie. This isn’t surprising, though, since Caruso and cinematographer Russell Carpenter designed the film for large format IMAX theatrical viewing, where fine details are the size of small buildings.But, then, the is exactly the kind of movie you’d expect – nostalgia-bait for a movie that almost no one is nostalgic for in the first place. It keeps everything ‘real’ at an ironic distance – except when it doesn’t. I it’s meant to be funny, but I’m not sure if it isn’t just wrapped-up in the faux-cool of its weirdly outdated lead character.

It’s like an extension of Diesel himself, a self-confessed dork who has managed to become one of the biggest movie stars in the world and is compelled to make a movie about doing skateboard, ski, and skydiving stunts.The score, which blends exclusive remixes of popular pop songs with more traditional secret agent-type music, was composed by composing workhorse Brian Tyler working alongside Robert Lydecker.I can’t say I particularly liked the music, but it is very well-represented on this track.(From Paramount’s official synopsis) made a lot of sense back in 2002, when X-treme Sports were still a novelty and cinema audiences were still looking for excuses to avoid the dread of existing in a post-9/11 world.The Bond franchise had also crumbled under the weight of its utter irrelevance during the Brosnan era (the worst film in the series, is an incredibly mediocre movie and Rob Cohen is sort of a terrible director.There are plenty of popular mediocre movies, but, generally speaking, their mediocrity leads them into obscurity, eventually.

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