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The unit historian can turn to the Center of Military History and other agencies for assistance, as specified in this pamphlet. When the background information has been gathered, it is a simple matter for the commander to assemble the unit around the colors and, using these symbols, tell the story of the organization in a manner that will inspire the soldiers.

Two excellent source books are available for this purpose: The Medal of Honor Recipients, 1863-1978 (Government Printing Office, 1978) and American Decorations, 1862-1926 (Government Printing Office, 1927).

These changes give added impetus to the need for a well-rounded military history program because history can serve as a vehicle for imparting a sense of continuity and stability during times of flux. Sold by the Superintendent of Documents, PO Box 371954, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15250-7954. This series of sixteen posters depicts units in action during such operations as the Remagen Bridgehead, the Battle of Chippewa, and the Breakthrough at Chipyong-Ni.

Many "new" units are actually reactivated older organizations, a fact that enables commanders to use the past immediately to promote unit cohesion and build morale. Soldiers of the American Revolution, a series of ten prints by H. Issued by the Center of Military History, these prints depict the American soldier in important episodes in the nation's fight for independence. Also available from the Superintendent of Documents. Wilmette, Illinois: National Register Publishing Co.

The 5th Infantry derives its official motto, "I'll Try, Sir," from a similar incident in the War of 1812. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History. A Guide to the Care and Administration of Manuscripts. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History. Access to the Past Museum Programs and Handicapped Visitors. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History.

At Lundy's Lane, Canada, on 25 July 1814, the unit launched an almost suicidal assault on British troops to secure an important victory. 23 Section II: World Wide Web Sites The Internet has had a profound effect on the research and writing of military history. The Care of Historical Collections, A Conservation Handbook for the Non-Specialist. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History.

In addition, commanders would do well to remember that individual soldiers themselves are good sources of material for building morale.

Their deeds, courage, gallantry under fire, and other attributes are genuine story material. The American Way of War: A History of United States Military Strategy and Policy. Under such circumstances commanders can fall back upon items that are symbolic representations of unit history-the colors, flags, and guidons with their streamers and silver bands, coats of arms and distinctive unit insignia, and historical property. Commanders should select members of their commands to act as unit historians. The Union Army, 1861-1865: Organization and Operations. That individual becomes part of this nation's senior service. Soldiers should be made aware of the Army's proud history. Nashville: American Association for State and Local History. The unit historian should organize all available information about the unit and how it relates to its branch and the Army at large.

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