Application screenupdating not working in excel 2016

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Application screenupdating not working in excel 2016

The last statement of the procedure sets Application. Now if I remove the Screen Updating statements from the code then the sheet is displayed correctly and usually in a short period of time.So from my viewpoint Screen Updating is not working correctly.

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When the user selects the sheet (Using a Radio Button) a procedure is run that selects the sheet and activates it. Screen Updating = False, then some code runs which sets up the sheet and activates it. Now after some investigating I realized that Excel was not done activating the sheet so if I wait long enough the sheet might display.In this project I'm going to show you how you can use userforms to run a complete order and inventory management system. Previously I have demonstrated how this can be done at a worksheet level in the VBA series [Orders and inventory "Order- Matic"]You will learn how to use a userforms with dependent lists looking up data and then transferring data to worksheets in multiple rows.If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel VBA programming with userforms this is a great project series to learn from.If you want to customize order and inventory management with userforms to your needs may I suggest that you go through the tutorials and get this working as I have created it and then customize the project? Select Protect_All On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Adv Reorder_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Adv Reorder of Module Filters" End Sub '————————————————————————————— ' Procedure : Clear Data ' Author : Trevor ' Date : 22/06/2013 ' Purpose : '————————————————————————————— ' Sub Clear Data() On Error Go To Clear Data_Error Range("B25: I1000"). Show Protect_All On Error Go To 0 End Sub There are four advanced filters in this application one is in the assorted module and three are in the filter module.You will have better success if you first understand how the application is pieced together. Clear Contents On Error Go To 0 Exit Sub Clear Data_Error: Msg Box "Error " & Err. Description & ") in procedure Clear Data of Module Filters" End Sub Sub Protect_All() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Active Workbook. Protect Password:="Online", Drawing Objects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _ , Allow Formatting Cells:=True, Allow Sorting:=True, Userinterfaceonly:=True Active Sheet. Make sure that all of these advanced filters have Unprotect_all and Protect_all code when they run.The template for order and inventory management is available for download below and all of the code will be included in the article.

To help with the learning process I have added videos to show the steps involved.

I love CSV exports but often times I need to separate the data out by a certain column or split into multiple workbooks/files to send to other staff.

For instance, there are 22 branch offices where I work and getting the appropriate data to each building from one spreadsheet used to be a daunting task.

I tried adding Doevents after the screenupdating statements and that has not worked either.

My Office and anti-virus software are current, I disabled all add-ins, I ran Off Cat, I disabled all animation. My default printer does not effect this (I tried the Document Writer and there was no difference).

Surely alerts should already be set to False due to the initial sub setting it that way?