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A raucous sort of place, the viewer is introduced to a young and handsome, former World War II fighter pilot named Charles Halliday (Barry Pepper).

Annabella is absolutely adorable and I do hope we get to see more of her - her giggle is infectious and the chemistry between her and Barry is hard to beat.When the pair experience a plane crash, each is forced to learn from and help the other in order to survive the variety of obstacles the harsh landscape throws in their path.When the plane carrying Charlie Halliday, a maverick bush pilot and a sick, young, Inuit woman, Kanaalaq, crashes hundreds of miles from civilization, they are at the mercy of nature? While search parties try to find the downed plane Charlie decides to trek over land, promising the woman that he will return with help.Each will find a startling and solitary destiny in the beautiful and stark tundra.An adventure story that will move and inspire you as it touches your heart.I enjoyed this DVD FAR more than I thought when I ordered it!

"This wonderful film is based upon the short story, "Walk Well, My Brother", which appears in an anthology of short stories titled, "The Snow Walker", written by Canadian icon, Farley Mowat.

JC - I love you little homie - 8/27/1995 - 9/20/2016Sit down and cry or crush what's in front of you. - Deenur *US Army Veteran* *Boston Misc Crew* *Positive Crew* *Car Sales Crew* R.

Charles Martin Smith's romantic adventure film The Snow Walker concerns a brave risk-taking pilot (Barry Pepper) and an Inuit woman in frail health who is his passenger.

I scooped it up and brought it inside for closer examination. Of course, I had to open one up to satisfy my curiosity. I've never seen them either, and I've got a vole problem in my yard.

They got into my camper and made a nest in the towel drawer this year.

When they bribe him with some valuable ivory tusks, he has a change of heart, taking the young woman on board.