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Ägräs Distillery has tamed the wild nettles from the idyllic surrounds of the Fiskars village in Finland and made them their own. Client Nord-TSector Beverages Region Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Germany Overview Companies like Nord-T don’t come across very often.The long drink is soft, sweet and looks innocent, but be warned; it’s still green and a little mean. Run by two fearless, passionate, joyful women - Mirka and Nina - Nord-T entered our world in need of direction.

A trusted source for berries with proven domestic origin and quality, the brand needed a careful update that communicated both its heritage and vision for the future.Scope Graphic Design Packaging Design Illustration Photography Artwork and Production Awards GDUSA, American Package Design Award Winner, New York, USAPentawards Global Packaging Design, Bronze, Shanghai, China Client Bulletmeal Sector Food / On-the-Go Ready Meal Range Region Global Overview"Nobody has met a cow called CHILLI MOOOO, nobody say THAI C’KEN like that, hungry vegetarians don't like being called EDGY VEGGY and Just because you put Sea Buckthorn berries in your beef jerky bar doesn't mean you can called it BUCK JERKY, that's just silly''Bullet Meal is a Finnish start-up brand with the big ambition to redefine the market for ready-meals.Offering the first for the market savory protein bars, the brand packs a punch in a high-quality selection of convenient meal bars for people on the go in the city, on the road or in the nature.PACKLAB was asked to help define the Kekkilä Professional brand through clear communication and understanding what their most valuable touchpoints are and build upon core brand visual assets.PACKLAB captured the spirit of Kekkilä Professional working culture and Finnish values in an attempt to sustain and reinforcing its leading position in the market.‘‘PACKLAB has managed to renew Kekkilä Professional Growing portfolios packaging identity to an entirely new level, in a technically challenging environment.We took a playful approach to the design, creating an approachable brand, equally friendly to the office worker and the extreme mountain climber alike.

The design allows incorporating the narratives, embedded in the product naming and playful visuality, into advertisement, social media campaigns and engaging promotion.Our portfolio in Professional Growing consists of almost 1000 products that will be sold in about 70 countries.PACKLAB is a innovative and trustable partner with a deep and broad understanding of packaging and brand design.We upgraded from brown pouches to a packaging format that sits proudly at home, and crafted a graphical identity that can support the vibrancy of the brand - and what vibrancy does it indeed have!We laughed some more as we tapped into the Nordic spirit which transcended to the naming of the products.I recommend them warmly.’’ Scope Branding: Brand Guidelines Brand Rejuvenation Brand Identity Design Strategy Co-branding Communications: Graphic Design Internal / External Communications Stationary Communications Internal Communications Category Communication Partnership Communication Advertising and Promotions: Graphic Design Advertising Brochures Exhibition / Trade Fair Stands Promotional Communication Distributors Communication On-lines Sales Catalog Product: Graphic Design Packaging 2D / 3DStructural Innovation Prototyping & Modelling Production Management Art / Photography Direction Artwork & Print Production Consulting on Packaging / Product Production Client Peltolan Blue Cheese Sector Food Region Finland Overview Found in the heart of Finnish nature and forests, Peltolan needed to transform their premium blue cheese packaging by embracing their true Finnish values.