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Edit: About an hour later, the second egg hatched as well! We do not know if she will lay ​another egg at this point, or ​if they have finished laying for the season.

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So imagine our surprise when one of the eggs hatched a couple days early!

Keep an eye out on our social media and forums for updates.

6/3/2017: At around am, the first of the nestlings took their very first flight - and the other three quickly followed!

Once he has a meal, the female flies out to grab it from him, and this often happens off-camera.

So it's been a long while since the male has been spotted, worry not - the true signal of his presence is the female leaving and then coming back quickly with food for the nestlings. All three nestlings look healthy and fluffy so far!

Looks like this brood is a normal-sized brood for American Kestrels, and all the nestlings so far are fairly similar in age.

If the male seems gone often, it is because he is hunting.

We band them when they are about 18-25 days old, as their feet are adult-sized and the band will never get too tight from further growth.

Now, we estimate we are about a week and a half away from fledging!

Keep an eye out for the next nesting season in 2018, which typically spans March - May in Idaho.

We'll be excited to start up the live stream again when nesting behavior begins!

At about pm, the first egg has hatched, and shortly after, the new nestling received its first meal. We're back on egg watch for this Thursday, and we'll be finding out together how many eggs her final clutch will be.