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Real-Time Rendering Real-time rendering in Fusion allows for an on-going verification of the quality of your experiment and the status of your sample.

There’s no longer a reason not to deconvolve every image and bring out the subtle details that otherwise go unnoticed, even in a good quality confocal stack.Results are delivered your data, all in one software package.Real-time 3D visualization, split channel view and MIP are fully configurable during acquisition to let you view the data in a mode which best suits your experiment.The result is speeds of 10 to 20 times faster than a traditional confocal, leaving you with no more waiting for an image to be built up point-by-point and line-by-line.Dragonfly offers the following major benefits: Widefield Confocal is not always the best imaging mode, some samples simply work better with epifluorescence e.g. Dragonfly delivers high-contrast high-resolution images using laser widefield and Clear View-GPU™ deconvolution in Fusion.Dragonfly is a high performance multi-modal imaging platform.

In this article, we focus on Dragonfly’s multi-point scanning confocal imaging performance and compare it to single point scanning, which has become the dominant technology over the last 30 years.In these circumstances, obtaining a high temporal resolution is paramount, while photo-bleaching is not critically endangering the sample during such a time lapse.Fusion is the result of over 100 person-years of shared imaging and development experience, making it easy to design an experiment, choose necessary devices and configure optimal data acquisition protocols.It simplifies the control of the Dragonfly system, translating imaging modes into software states and fluorophores into channels to help you build protocols in just a few mouse clicks.Integrating deconvolution is simple, tasking the GPU with the associated calculations so that acquisition continues unaffected: a big time saver!Render quality and speed can be rapidly adjusted following any change in your experiment and can be easily accessed in the Fusion software control panel.