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The distribution of the other seven was not found in the literature. American beavers can usually control water depth and stability on small streams, ponds, and lakes. The distribution of six subspecies is listed below [10,19]. The species is active throughout the year and is usually nocturnal. PREFERRED HABITAT : Suitable habitat for American beavers must contain all of the following: stable aquatic habitat providing adequate water; channel gradient of less than 15 percent; and quality food species present in sufficient quantity [2].

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Water protects the lodge from predators and provides concealment for American beavers when traveling to and from food gathering areas and caches [2].

Stream characteristics such as gradient, depth, and width are determining factors in habitat use by American beaver [2,11].

Intermittent streams or streams that have major fluctuations in discharge will have little year-round value as American beaver habitat [2].

Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire Sciences Laboratory (Producer). ABBREVIATION : CACA COMMON NAMES : American beaver Canadian beaver beaver flat-tail bank beaver castor castor cat TAXONOMY : The currently accepted scientific name for the American beaver is Castor canadensis Kuhl [6,10,19,22,33]. American beavers appear to prefer herbaceous vegetation over woody vegetation during all seasons if it is available.

Damming large streams with swift, turbulent waters creates calm pools for feeding and resting [11]. During late spring and summer their diet consists mainly of fresh herbaceous matter [2,18].

Additionally, narrow valley bottoms cannot support the large amounts of vegetation needed by American beavers.

Steep topography prevents the establishment of a food transportation system [2].In 1986, the Louisiana Fur and Alligator Advisory Council was created in part to develop the market for nutria fur and meat.To better control the destructive nutria population, trapping for non-commercial purposes may need to be considered. Lodges may be surrounded by water or constructed against a bank. COVER REQUIREMENTS : The lodge is the major source of escape, resting, thermal, and reproductive cover for American beavers. If you decide you want to discontinue the service, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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