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“I didn’t want to invite people I felt I had to put on a performance for.I wanted every moment to be genuine and really special and that’s what it is going to be.” Adrienne's marriage comes seven years after her split from Rob, 29, who has been dating Blac Chyna since January this year.

She singer got married in Paris to gospel singer Israel Houghton on Friday.After all, she has a new talk show, "The Real," to promote and according to past pattern, she's down to name-drop the Kardashians to get some press.So, sorry, Adrienne, you're wrong; dating Rob Kardashian actually made your career.The couple became engaged in April and announced they were expecting their first child together a month later.After Chyna shared footage of their little girl on Snapchat just hours after labour, Rob also took to social media to gush over his little girl and thank his late father Robert for blessing him with her. He's happier than anyone on this day I'm so happy and thankful GOODNIGHT".He wrote on Instagram alongside an adorable snap of Dream: "She's an exact copy.

Long before the days of High School Musical we had the Cheetah Girls the brilliant Disney girl band made up of Raven Symoné, Sabrina Bryan, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon.From impulsive body art to one too many Disney Channel Original Movies, I present the indisputable evidence that Adrienne Bailon’s career is damaged far beyond being “stuck with that Kardashian label.” Here are 14 reasons why she's her own worst enemy:1.Adrienne Bailon was in THREE "Cheetah Girls" movies.The couple reportedly had a rehearsal dinner at the restaurant where they met 10 years ago. The next day they said, “I do” at the Hotel Plaza Athénéel in front of 70 guests.Adrienne and Isreal only began dating this Spring but were reportedly friends for years beforehand.If she has anyone to blame for hurting her career, it’s herself.

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