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It's 1922, and Isabella is leaving New York aboard the 20th Century Limited.

I'll put them together in the story if it makes sense. Buford soon realizes that while in her imagination, Isabella's Phineas-land day dreams aren't just fantasies. When Phineas invites Isabella to go baby shopping for Candace, he expects it to be like any other usual shopping experience: nothing extravagant. I don't feel comfortable with writing that and I am again really sorry if I offended anyone. Act Your Age)Candace and Jeremy (Well they're already together..)Baljeet and Ginger (Seem cute :) ACT YOUR AGE)Buford and Adyson or Buford and Milly or Buford and Brigitte (The french girl) (Like both depending on my mood)Favorite shows: Phineas and Ferb (Was that seriously a question after I ranted about it up there? But the plan could ultimately put Phineas's friendship with Isabella in jeopardy. Oh and if requested I will do friendship stuff from P n' F (Phineas and Ferb, Buford and Baljeet, Candace and Stacy, etc.) No slash. Part of "(Please) Don't Read This Journal."Phineas and Ferb want to end summer with a bang. To those who will read, this tale will tell the truth of love, and if it's near." Join Isabella and Phineas as their spirits collide and feel unexpectedly at each other… But when the father in question is Phineas Flynn, he's got more interesting things to play with than shotguns and shovels. Trope bingo: rite of passage/coming of age Will Phineas remain oblivious forever? "So I asked my readers to help me with writing an April Fool's Day Fan-Fic, A LOT of people gave me ideas. But what happens when desperation comes to her and she eagerly looks for a man. Phineas has gone into overdrive trying to please Isabella. Phineas just might be one of those kids."There is a girl, a ghost, and love, and all are present here. So when Isabella takes him hostage in needs of help earning a certain patch, what will our favorite inventor do to get out of the situation? Maybe Phineas will realize that she's dropping another hint? It's a rite of passage for both father and daughter: the first time a boy comes to pick her up for a date. Summary: Can Ferb, Buford, and Baljeet have a Christmas miracle? Current Stories I am working on: Mystified: Currently working on Sunday. A myriad of short, unrelated, untraditional Phineabella stories and songfics.

Luckily Phineas is there and he'll do anything to help her achieve her goal, even if it means giving a kiss.

This Is Us is a terrific movie, totally suggest going to see it. Because sometimes, there are simply easier ways to resolve the plot. The gang is entering their Junior (11th) Year, but are they ready for what lies ahead?

Her friend, Ohio, was supposed to be there to see her off... Based on the youtube videos, you know the ones I'm talking about.

She is forced to be married to a duke, a king, a prince and whatnot. When things don't go exactly to plan, his 'punishment' is watching the other seven films. Some however begin to see their friends in a whole new light. PHINBELLAOne thing that almost every boy dreads just happens to be makeup; and that goes for Phineas Flynn as well. Fluffy vignettes in the Fletcher-Flynn Foundation timeline. Now showing: "Quid Pro Quo", where Monty shows up at the door of the Foundation with a friend, and an offer... That's how Isabella feels about her future with Phineas - someday they'll love each other, but she'll have to deal until then. Disclaimer: This is a fanwork, and as such, no characters, places, or previous mentioned plots from the show 'Phineas & Ferb' are mine. When Isabella is down in the dumps because she didn't get the part she wanted in Aladdin, Phineas, along with the help of Jeremy and the Incidentals, decides to cheer her up. Isabella has taken to writing Space Adventure fanfic, and her latest story involves some characters who seem awfully familiar. My version of what happened in between the last chapter of The Council of Mirrors and the two epilogues. And like most games of truth or dare, this one promises to be interesting and hilarious. Join the famous Danville Gang's journey of the holiday season!

The princess Isabella of Adrohætha badly needs a groom soon or she and her mother will lose the throne. Be prepared for a refreshing take on the typical kind of fluffy Phinbella story, with a good helping of craziness and some pleasant surprises. Isabella convinces Phineas to watch a movie about a certain boy wizard with her. Some take it better than others while others take it worse than they should. "But drenched in vanilla twilight, I'll sit on the front porch all night, Waist deep in thought because when, I think of you I don't feel so alone" Series of Oneshots/Drabbles about Phineas and Isabella. At first, he intends to bring Ferb along with him, but after learning that the Brit is sick, Phin has to figure out who he will take instead. Isabella falls asleep, and some pretty interesting things happen while she's snoozing. Now that Phineas and the gang are teenagers, what better way to have simple fun then a game of truth or dare?

What happens when Isabella invites Phineas to the movies...alone? Doofenshmirtz's latest inator hits Buford, inserting the bully into Isabella's subconscious. Phinbella moments all the way :) Enjoy :) Happy April Fool's Day :)A surprise story for the holidays! Summary: Now what could Phineas Flynn be planning on Christmas Eve for Isabella?