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Below is evidence of that type of control via a snapshot of some Amazon gift cards I’ve received.

So I made him plead with me to the point that he couldn’t handle it anymore and that is when I granted him permission to purchase it.

My loyal worm slave must tribute every week like clockwork.

However, he had forgotten to serve me for 7 straight weeks but as well as I know my slaves, I knew he would return begging to serve. I wasn’t aware that it had been 7 whole weeks since he served so I instructed him to go back and look as to when his last tribute was to me. After some discussion back and forth, it finally was decided that late fees would also be 0 making his total owed 0.

I learn my slaves’ income levels, their past experiences, the level of control they seek, and their specific weaknesses / fantasies.

With that information, I evaluate my plan on how to control and use this slave, since all slaves differ in their abilities and personalities.

Luckily for you slaves, I worked in some free time to update my blog.

I’m sure my blog posts make my slaves more devoted and weaker which means I plan on updating more often about my slave exploits.

However, don’t get confused thinking I don’t bankrupt slaves because I do, I just don’t do it with every slave I encounter.

Only certain slaves who show to me that they embody pathetic individuals and are dead on the inside can handle that level of unmerciful abuse through a complete draining.

I granted this request based on his outstanding service to me.

It wouldn’t bestow benefit for a master like myself to drain a slave until he’s bone dry and in debt permanently, if I want that slave for the long haul.

I expect all of my slaves to remember their weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly obligations to me as it’s not my duty to track them down and remind them of these commitments. Over my several years as a dominant cash master, I’ve consistently worked with slaves on all types of financial budgets to implement my financial control over them.

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