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In early 2005, I had a lifesize replica of the Shroud of Turin created on cotton canvas by professional fine art printer Steve Ouimet in Glendale, California (see Lifesize Replica on Cotton Canvas below for details).

Of course, now my biggest frustration is that the photographs I am including below do not even come close to capturing the effect of seeing one of the actual backlit transparencies with your own eyes! Over the years, many people also requested that we offer a Dorsal view to match the Ventral one.

They were also integral elements in the International Shroud Exhibit that was displayed in Auckland, New Zealand and the Mall of Asia in Manila, the Philippines some years ago.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the backlit transparency images is that they have a 400% greater dynamic range vs.

During the five months in which Steve and I tested various cloth materials and carefully adjusted the color and density of the image, we also made countless test prints of various portions of the Shroud.

At one point in the process, we reduced the image size and printed the entire Shroud across the 42" width of the cloth.

This lifesize replica on cotton became the centerpiece of an International Shroud Exhibit, first presented in Auckland, New Zealand, in May of 2005 and in Manila, the Philippines, in 2007.

(You can read about and see photographs of the Auckland exhibit on the 2005 Website News page).

You may safely order these items directly from this website using your credit/debit card via our "Secure Order Form." If you are unable to access the "Secure Order Form" or do not wish to send your credit/debit card information over the Internet, see the "Alternate Order Form" for detailed instructions on telephoning or mailing your credit/debit card order.

Size Comparison of Large and Small Backlit Transparencies of the Shroud Face in Photo Glow® Frames (Large Face at Left: 16" x 20" Backlit Image in a 20" x 24" x 13/16" Black Frame and Matte) (Small Face at Right: 7.5" x 9.5" Backlit Image in a 11" x 14" x 13/16" Black Frame and Matte) The lifesize Large Face (left) is about 400% larger than the Small Face.

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We have listened to our viewers and are very happy to announce that a that is designed to match the ventral in both size and image quality.

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