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But then in the next moment, she looks at her watch and announces she has to go home suddenly “to study”.That’s when I find myself wondering why she only ordered a small glass of wine at the start of the date? “Oh well” I think, and go back to swiping left and right.

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I thought that maybe its because the truth hurts and that we should avoid a difficult conversation, maybe sometimes ignorance is bliss.But it always feels like a lack of honesty just makes the situation worse.It wasn’t long ago that I found myself experiencing this coldness, left with only the questions of why that date went wrong?But perhaps that is killing the idyllic picture of romance?As the old dating profile one-liner goes “We can pretend we met somewhere else”.I often find myself questioning what the modern world of dating actually is in the 21st century?

Apps such as Tinder, Bumble and Happn have taken over as the modern way to meet people in a busy working lifestyle.It is likely that the date I value most is making the same decisions.And so it came to that Thursday night, a date was planned for the evening.I like to think that today I learnt something new, and so I thought I would share a situation and unexpected resolution that I experienced.It all started when was talking with a good friend about how I hated the opaqueness behind rejection, why can’t we all just be honest and upfront about how we feel?Alex Kent, author of The Energy of Attraction book and developer of the Go E Energy Dating Coach course was a keynote presenter at the Go E Energy Conference 2017.

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    What else might be invovled in a successful finish for you?