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1960s dating ads - datingswansea com

Following the ratification of the treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community in 1952, however, interest in such developments shifted to plans for the European Economic Community (EEC; later succeeded by the European Union), of which Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are original members.

It was filled in NYC where she did a number of product advertisements during that era. Now it's more complicated and faster paced than ever.

Some of the other ads are also entertaining, particularly the one for Heinz pickles. The Dristan "send your sinuses to Arizona" ad seems to have been either made or inspired by the "Hertz puts you in the driver's seat" people.

Cheesy special effects like that were a fad in the early '60s the same way the "Matrix" special effects are in ads today. The Goodyear ad is so sexist, designed to make men think that if they didn't buy Goodyear tires for their woman, she'd be stuck alone in the rain and God only knows what might happen to her...

A running spoof of Grant Wood's famous 'American Gothic' is interspersed with cartoons of a pig and chicken that intermittently cluck and moo.

The collection is well worth the download for this ad alone.

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the commercial that opens this set.

It's for General Mills' "Country Corn Flakes", with the emphasis on "corn": corny song and lyrics, corny cartoon, corny cereal.

Postal and transport rates were standardized, and welfare policies were coordinated. The day-to-day operations of Benelux are conducted by the Secretariat-General; the executive authority of the organization rests with the Committee of Ministers, which meets quarterly.

Benelux was once regarded as a promising experiment by which neighbouring countries would form customs unions that might then merge into wider economic unions.

Hi - these commercials are categorized as being public domain... thx _ asker Lust read a blog post on the Lustre Creme Shampoo Commercials: The Movie Star Collection that had video embeded in it.

I'd like to use them for a film project - but what about the trademark rights?? I really enjoyed watching the old commercials and seeing how the stars were used to push products back then.

Stephens, to see more advertising items from Rob's collection, click here.